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How we apply JET-HOT

  Marking parts on book in. Parts Arrival:
When your parts arrive at JET-HOT there checked for any problems like cracks or any other damage that may need repair before coating. So as to ensure the correct parts are returned to you we count and mark each part before thermally degreasing them.
  Preparing for the Coating:
After the degreasing process all the parts are then handled by operators wearing cotton gloves to ensure no further surface contamination. Next there blasted thoroughly inside and out using only the highest quality aluminium oxide. All parts undergo a through inspection for any missed spots and are returned for blasting if any are found. 
Sand Blasting Parts  
  Spray application of the Coating Applying the Coating:
The parts are inspected and blown down to remove dust. Only after we've achieved a highly receptive, yet microscopic, surface profile in the blaster then the first coat of JET-HOT is applied. Next they are dried before applying the final coat. Once the two coats of JET-HOT have been applied they are then placed in the oven to be cured.
  Final process:
Once the parts have cooled there removed from the oven and inspected again. Depending on the final finish you require your parts then undergo a further step before completion. JET-HOT's unique propitiatory process is used to apply JET-HOT Hi-Lustre, if you chose a colour then the parts are given a light burnish. Next they get a further two coats of colour and then returned to the oven to be cured. 
  Packing parts before shipping.
Jobs Complete:
Once the parts are complete they are then wrapped using a hi quality hi-density foam wrap and boxed in our special order cartons ready for shipping. JET-HOT has acquired transport contracts with transport companies and passes on this low cost freight to our customers. For advise on how to prepare you parts for shipping and take advantage of these low prices call 1800 700 468
  After you Parts Return:
JET-HOTs commitment doesn't stop when the job has returned to the customer. If for any reason you have any questions on fitting or care of JET-HOT coating or products don't hesitate to call us. We can give you expert advice on how to get the best out of JET-HOT products. JET-HOT wants your headers or parts to look and perform as good as you want them to.
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