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JET-HOT is proud to present just some of the endorsements we have received over the years.

News from the V8 Super Cars
JET-HOT is proud to have sponsored the Kelly Bros Racing Team for the last few years and are looking forward to continuing in this role.

We wish them the best in the coming season. The new car has already shown its potential and we look forward to the coming meetings.

All the best to Kelly Bros Racing.

This is a email received by our Queensland agent from a happy customer.
Hi Neville, I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know how happy I am with the jet hot coating on my motorcycle exhaust system. It is amazing there are no more heat problems on my leg when I ride my bike you can almost touch the exhaust without being burnt. I have also noticed a gain in performance with the internal heat coating also the bike seems to expel the exhaust gases with less restrictions giving the power gains in the mid rev range. I am so pleased that I will be using your services again for the jet hot coating for my cars extractor system and I highly recommend the service to all my colleagues.

Kind regards Tony Wolens

Ian Morris - Geraldton WA 5-2008
My name is Ian Morris and I am sales rep for JET-HOT and other Mining Equipment supplies (0428 381 762) in West Australia. I had been visiting Geraldton's Shark Bay Salt Mine for some time about various products I distribute and had a conversation with them about the sever corrosion problem they had with the exhaust systems on their production vehicles. These exhaust systems where only lasting an average of 2 months. When we supplied replacement systems from Mack we got them to send them straight to JET-HOT who coated them and sent them on to us. These trucks exhaust systems where still in operation 2 years later. I sell JET-HOT not only for its corrosion protection but for its heat reduction and have always had good service and customer satisfaction.

Craig Piece Welding, Kangaroo Flat Exhaust
Kangaroo Flat (Bendigo)

My name is Craig Piece and I am the owner of Kangaroo Flat Exhaust (03 5447 7390). I had the mine maintenance manager from Bendigo Mining approach me about replacement exhaust systems for a Toyota Landcruiser they use as a transport vehicle under ground. Due to the corrosive nature of the under ground conditions the exhaust systems where only lasting an average of 2 months. So I approached JET-HOT to coat them for me and the first system we did is still going. (Coated 6-2007). I now sell these systems inter state for the same reasons. We have had a great relationship and good service from JET-HOT.

This is another email received by our Queensland agent from a happy customer.
G'day Neville,

Just a quick note to let you know my extractors turned up early Friday morning. I wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the quality of service you, your wife and Jet-Hot Coatings supplied. Your customer service was outstanding, the exhaust beautifully coated and polished, and the finished product returned on time. Well done. It was a pleasure to do business with you, and will have no hesitation in referring your services to my friends. Thanks again,

Ty Seeley.

Ps. I have attached before and after photos to show the change your product made.

This is a email received by our Queensland agent from J D Transmissions.

This is a email recieved by our Queensland agent from a happy customer.
Hello Neville Yes I have fitted the headers see attachment & I am very pleased with them however the true test will be how they look after some use though I have run the motor on the trailer for a few minutes. Previously I could not put my hand any closer to the headers than about 200 mm when hot now its about 50 mm. This is very good!

Regards, Trevor.

John Force Drag Car.

USA Funny Car Driver of the year 1996/97. At the NHRA All Star Banquet John Force said, "The reason we don't have any more fires is cause of
JET-HOT and Dynamax. If oil gets on the headers it don't light up like it use to." He also said, "There was a time when we had a fire once a week"

VS Commodore Wagon
Summernats 2001 Champion,
Top Judged Overall
Top Pro Street, Top Body Work
Top Graphics, Top Interior,
Equal Top Undercarriage
keeps my headers and exhaust in top condition for every show."

Darryl McBeth - Commodore Wagon

Rod Rainford Motorvator Car.

Winner of Competition Eliminator at the 1998 TAC Nationals against a tough field with a 8.11/164.23 (264.3 kph) and National Competition Championship is an avid supporter of JET-HOT.

Australian Competition Eliminator
"I was amazed how quick the headers cooled down after a run, we could start working on the engine as soon as we returned to the pits."


Steve Flynn Drag Car. STEVE FLYNN:
"I set out with a five year plan to win the W.A. Super Comp Title, the Australian Super Stock Championship and reset both ends of B and C/Gas records. I've achieved all that with a year to spare."
JET-HOT has been with Steve (who is our WA agent) all the way.

John returned from 1998 Bonneville Salt Lake Speed Trials in the USA where he ran a personal best of 254 mph (406 kph) and then a 297mph at Lake Gairdner South Australia in 2002. John has used
JET-HOT extensively on his car to protect it from the corrosive effects of the salt. 

2005: JOHN LYNCH (JET-HOT Sponsored) Belly Tank Lakester just went 301MPH (485KPH) setting a new Australian record. In annual competition run by the D.L.R.A. at South Australia's Lake Gairdner John Lynch KB powered belly tank set a new Australian record of 301 mph.

MARCH 2001 - New top speed of 273+MPH